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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Last Straw

I'm so over "Country Living". Too many creatures to deal with, and this is the last straw. When I let the puppies out, I turned around and thought "the storm sure left a lot of pine straw on the house". But then I could tell the "pine straw" was moving. Centipedes. Yep. Hundreds, thousands......maybe even millions for all I know. I hate them with a passion. When I was little, they'd bite me on my face while I slept. And when I woke up, everyone would laugh at my swollen lips or eyes. Oh, yeah, haha,funny,funny...good times, good times. But these little *insert bad word here* sting, and it's sometimes pretty painful. However.......I've NEVER seen this many in one place at one time. So, when I saw this, I just cried.

Welcome..To My Nightmare!

I had several kinds of roach and ant spray that didn't work. I read to use slug and snail granules, but I'm afraid the puppies will get it. Oh, and when I looked up what to do, most of the advice involved "just step on it". Really. Well, I stepped on plenty. It was like stepping on popcorn. An those were just by walking out to photograph these. By the way, I've been slapping imaginary centipedes off my legs and face and shoulders ever since and I doubt I'll ever have another good night's sleep again. Ever.
***I'd like to mention that this is just the walls around my deck; you should see the other sides of my house***


misselaineous said...

Yuck...double yuck to the invasion of those nasty critters!!! I used to get them on my porch...haven't seen them for years...but have been invaded this year by UGLY caterpillars that loved my fresh paint, biting yellow flies that make me itch, wood borers. clouds of mosquitos, hornets in every bird house, and now ants all over my porch...and no food anywhere that could be attracting them. I am so over this invasion...I don't like using a lot of pesticides due to the lake, but I have worn out 2 swatters, and my ankles look like I have the measles!! Dontcha just love livin' in the south, Cherry? :O} *elaine*

Kudzu said...'s so horrible,though! it reminds me of this movie i saw called "Squirm" from 1976, about this town invaded by earthworms. here it is 4:00am, i let the puppies out and checked the back deck and there's even more out there.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I've used Bayre Tempo SC Ultra. You mix the contents into a 2 gallon sprayer.

It says it works on centipedes.

Got it at our Co-op

Kudzu said...

thanks! i'll look into these. oh, these are just horrible, i shake when i walk outside..there's just so many!

StaziO essentials said...

so sorry this happen to you, i hate them to, for some reason i freat out with these, they are associated with wet / dampness - I would call a professional - they have nested here for sure

Jean Tuthill said...

Ewww...makes me itchy just reading about this. I would buy some really good stuff-Quick! Get Hoss movin', real quick.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

we have not dealt with centipedes in a long time, but have been battling the asian beetles for about 8 years. They are not as bad as they used to be...but, now I have been noticing all of these little roach-like bugs with pinchers!!! I first noticed them toward the end of last summer in the shed that I sell out of and now they are in our garage!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!! It never ends!!

Eugenia Wadsworth Martin said...

Foud your site from Japanese redneck and feel so glad that I am not the only one out there. I'm a city girl moved to the country. And I have never seen so many bugs. I have these giant black grasshopper that eat everything. Spiders everywhere, and some attack. I had a brown one jump on me while in bed reading a book. Fastest I have moved in ears. So I feel for ya.