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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Guide I've Created To Prepare My Daughter For Labor

Just a silly post today, especially for my daughter who doesn't want to have another C-section!
This is a ceiling medallion I'm going to put up in the kitchen.

The opening is only 4" across, so I thought it would be a good comparison!

Oh, I should mention my son weighed 8lbs. 2 oz. and my daughter weighed 10lbs. when she was born... and daddy weighed 12lbs. when he was born. I weighed 97lbs. when I got pregnant with my son.....110lbs. when I got pregnant with my daughter. I don't know what happened to me after that :D , I've put on a little weight!

So here is her baby boy, he's 62lbs. right now, so Celeste...he's probably HALF the size the new baby is going to be.

You'll hear "the baby is crowning!"....and this is Aiden's 6- year old boy head; the new baby's head is probably the size of a basketball right now. But don't worry, you have 8 weeks to go, his head will get MUCH bigger...

Then you'll hear "there's his head!"....and again, this is Aiden's 6 year old head, not the new baby's 13 lb. head....

What if it's a breech birth you ask?? Well, this is what it may be like....but Aiden is so small. Let's see...what can I compare the new baby to??? Oh, I know...imagine you're giving birth to the recliner. Yeah, that's about right.

So, this is for my sweet tiny baby girl sugar pot dumpling hunny-bunny!


Happy 4th of July!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Holy gezz, it all sounds painful to me. Guess that's part of the reason I never had any kids.

Kudzu said... know, i should've started with a drinking straw then worked my way up to the ceiling medallion :D


vintagesue said...

now that is FUNNY....FUNNY. you made me totally laugh!!!
very sweet.

Anonymous said...

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