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Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilted Pillow Sham Purse; Butterflies

A while back I found a pair of quilted pillow shams at the thrift store for .99. Had to buy them :D

I cut off each long edge, and then sewed them together, then sewed across the bottom to make it boxy. Then I sewed the edges I cut off together, along with some of the blue cotton backing, and made the handle; nice and comfy with the cording and quilting.
The lining is made from pink and white striped cotton chambray. The bottom is reinforced with heavy corrugated cardboard with batting and the chambray covering it, hot-glued down. I can remove that for washing the purse. It's embellished with a few ragged rolled roses and a couple torn fabric leaves. What's missing is the rest of my idea...buttons and more trims, lol...ya'll know I'm easily distracted! But I'm using it now, and I love it...and I have one more sham to play with :D

I tried to sit on the porch while they set off fireworks...too many deer flies and mosquitos...but I managed to take a few pics of this crazy butterfly. It did NOT want its photo taken. You should've seen me hobbling around this butterfly bush trying to take a picture of its back....I snapped a bee,too! And found a serving piece I hammered for a windchime and forgot about!

Hope you enjoy!


The Japanese Redneck said...

I remember when the fabric purses were so popular. I think I still have one that my Mom made.

Luv the pictures.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Kudzu. What a great purse. How in the world do you think of these things LOL!I see an old pillow sham and I see an old pillow sham not a purse. No creative mind at all here.
What beautiful shots of the bee and butterfly. They are loving your flowers.

vintagesue said...

what a great idea for that purse!! i am such a novice with sewing, i have NO idea how to do all that fancy stitching, but i love the idea of finding shams for 99 cents!!!
thanks for the idea.
very cute.

Kudzu said...

thanks so much ya'll :D these are just straight stitch seams, you can do it! just sew 2 sides together :D

it was such a deal...i couldn't believe it myself, because it was the regular rack not a sale rack; and all cotton:D

when i was a young teen i used to make purses from old jeans legs..just cutting it off and sewing the bottom closed, sewing on a strap :D some things never change!

i may do a tutorial on making a purse in this's much easier than it looks!

thanks for reading my blog!

Jean Tuthill said...

The purse is so cute! I love the pink with the blue. You are so creative and I love the stuff you come up with!

Kudzu said...

thank you Jean!