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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion-Tank Top Dress

This is so cute, my favorite color is lavender and this is very close. I was going to turn it into a maternity top for my daughter, but it was too tight...she's HUGE-that's because she has a 13lb. boy with a ton of red curls, I just know it...but it worked out great paired with this like-new white-I-never-spilled-anything-on-it-yet tank top. The tank top shrank and was too short,though.
So here's what I did, and it's easy enough for a very first sewing project, so think about doing this,too! I cut the skirt off of the lavender dress, and cut off a little bit off the bottom of the tank top. If the skirt part is too long, cut off enough of the raw TOP edge to make it the length you want. Now use your longest stitch on the sewing machine and make 2 rows of gathering stitches along the top of the skirt. Make sure the skirt is right side out and lay it down in front of you. Turn the tank top wrong side out and pin the side seams of the tank to the side seams of the skirt. Find the center front of the tank top and pin it to the center front of the skirt; do the same with the backs. Pin it pin it pin it to death :D Trust me!

Pull your gathering threads to the correct size, stretch the tank top slightly; the way it would stretch when worn.
Using the same color thread as the tank top, sew the top and skirt together. Nice! Now trim that seam evenly, and go back over it with zig-zag stitching.

When you're done with that, turn the dress right side out and pin it so there is a "lip"(for lack of the correct term right this second,lol!!) and topstitch the tank top hem to the skirt. The photo will probably let you know exactly what I mean to say! It will look like you are wearing a 2 piece outfit when you're finished.

Now that wasn't so hard! Go make one!

oh yes, here's a close up of my lavender and copper paper beads knotted into a simple necklace. It matches the dress; and I had earrings ready to make, but can't remember where I left my jewelry pliers!

I just wear them like you would your winter it's adjustable and I don't have to add a clasp. I just slip it over my head.
Have fun!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Cool! I have several dress bottoms from making show shirts that I didn't know what to do with.