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Friday, September 24, 2010

New Book Purses

I finished a few more book purses and I have a few mostly finished. I just have this little problem trying to stay awake,lol!

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six-a nice dusty blue mini toile for the lining and matching beaded handles. Also has a blue burned fabric flower on the front.

Anne Rice-Taltos...pretty black with lavender and white print lining, matching beaded handles and a rhinestone applique.

Louis Lamour-Last of the Breed with a red bandana lining, matching beaded handles, and a pretty silver button closure.

Fall is here and I look forward to cooler weather and the smell of burning leaves! I also love fall decorations and Halloween....I hope to have a post with some simple and inexpensive make-it-yourself pretties very soon :D


Brushed By An Angel said...

Kudzu, I love your purses. You are so creative!! I would never have thought to fill the inside of a lantern like that.
Happy Fall, yall!!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those are cute! Now "WHO" needs to sell their creations to make a little jingle???

Great job. Luv them.

Kudzu said...

ah, thanks ya'll :D hehe, ramona :D


AngelMc said...

Luurrve the purses.
Luurrve the lantern.

Cyndi L said...

Those book purses are da bomb!! I bopped over because I wanted to beg and plead with you to let me know when you've finished constructing your necklace and let me see a picture of it...pretty please? :-)

Jean Tuthill said...

The book purses are so cute. And you could have a million different ones to match any outfit. I love the lantern, too.

Kudzu said...

thanks so much, ya'll :D

cyndi, i already made a few of the pieces using silver and turquoise. for some reason a lot of the turquoise chunks are breaking; i don't know why? they were already pre-drilled.

i've made a lot more purses, i figured out how to make them a new way :D maybe a new tutorial coming soon:D

and how about a tutorial on how to make a fairy in a jar, or a witch in a jar? or lantern? or light globe! or anything :D