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Friday, October 8, 2010

Trying Paypal;My Turquoise Necklace Progress Time For Fall And Halloween Fun;

I recently decided to go ahead and get myself a Paypal account, thinking "why didn't I do this sooner?" and start selling some of my crafts. Well, I just keep getting a headache because of it now! I have to admit I don't know the first thing about Paypal so I'm not at all familiar with "that stuff", but right away I get an email from them-on my NEW account-that says "locked", and to contact so-and-so. GAH! no return calls yet! So I go ahead and decide to take my daughter up on the offer of using her Paypal account. Yep, you guessed it-her Paypal account says "locked",too! What the heck? Both of us are still trying to work this out. Is this a common problem, or a recent problem?? How many times do you have to keep giving them your important information? GAH! okay, enough of that stress :D
Ya'll must be getting tired of Book Purses by now, but here's a few more.

Dr. Seuss-One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish-

My sister Patsy brought over an armload of books, including some of my nieces' old accounting books. So this one is for my niece :D

FINALLY finished this Anne Rice one in a way I' m happy with.

Last week or so I came across this gorgeous necklace and knew I wanted to try one for myself out of some turquoise Twin(Gretchen) gave me years ago. I'm adding some hematite beads from an old necklace to them, too. This is one I'll wear a lot,lol.
Thanks to Cyndi for her tutorial over at Beading Arts, I'm so inspired to relax with some beads and create a pretty :D

We're still gathering up our usual Halloween decorations; I never remember where I put them. I;ve been doing a little research(fun!) and will try some out.



StaziO essentials said...

hello, I don't have many problems with paypal - so far, i like it and I love the book purses !

The Japanese Redneck said...

I've only used paypal to pay for ebay which I seriously need to quit looking at.....

Luv, the purses. They are just too cute!

Kudzu said...

hi ya'll :D
i've never used it; my daughter only used it for buying things. we'll figure it out,lol!
thanks for the sweet comments, i've made a few more. now i'm working on some halloween costumes and crafts. i can't wait to show and tell!

Morgan @ said...

I've never been 'locked out'! It's a super easy system once you get used to it, promise :). Try Google Checkout too.

concretenprimroses said...

Hi Cherry,
I love the book purses.
Paypal is great when you just pay for things, but when I received some payments (just 3) from selling on ebay, they contacted me about getting a commercial account. Yeah they need to make money, but ebay owns paypal and doesn't allow any other kind of payments!
There are so many costs to build in when you sell!
Good luck,