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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playing With My Grandkids

A short break from crafting for a game of Make-Up-Our-Own-Rules Croquet....yipeeee! We tend to keep these games really short so it doesn't turn into Hit-You-In-The-Head Croquet. And since the kids had to bring a fall leaf to school, we looked around for some pretty colored leaves in the front yard. Each young'in had their own ziploc bag and had a blast finding orange and yellow and red leaves. We found a lot of piles of Chinquapins the squirrels must have stashed under the azaleas, I think every one of us got stuck at least once picking them up. We took a few but left the rest for the squirrels. After that we were starving, so we went back inside for HossFly's Red Beans 'n Rice. Oh, the smell of simmering red beans will make your mouth water! We ate like royalty and soon there was nothing left but crumbs, lol!
I did finish some album purses, and used my daughters idea of making a matching bonus keychain for each purse, a little lagniappe! It's a Southern thing,lol! I got one button bracelet made this morning,too. I'm making some earrings to go with the bracelets as lagniappe,too. October 4 is the date of the sale we're going to, a small event, wish us luck! I'm way behind since I didn't get much done for a couple days there. The youngest grandson has had a stomach virus and ear infection, and his medication has made him goofy and too wired to sleep..or even sit still! Makes me wonder what kind of stuff they put in medicines in MY day...hahahahaaa
Oh, I didn't mention this was supposed to have been a bon-fire so we could cook hot dogs and marshmallows over the coals... the kids were all"not happy" about that, so we planned to try again later this week, or better yet, this weekend.


Amanda said...

hey ~ thanks for stopping by my blog! i hope you liked my button bracelets! :)

you have a great blog ~ i've started "following" you. sounds like you had a great day (although i dont remember medicine doing that to me as a kid either)! :)

Kudzu said...

Thanks Amanda! I'm so glad I found your blog and enjoyed it a lot:) You're my first follower!