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Sunday, November 23, 2008

No No No Noooooooooo! My Freezer Died!

We decided it would be best to take our 22+lb. turkey out of the freezer today. That's when we found that EVERYTHING in there had thawed out! Our 12 lb. turkey for frying, some shrimp gumbo put up for a chilly day, not to mention the vegetables, the crock pot meal thingies......all of it. When did this happen? *insert dirty word here* *and here* * and here,too* After checking the smaller turkey we found out it still had ice crystals in it, so guess what we're having for dinner today? Will we wind up in the emergency room with botulism or ptomaine or ..or...*another dirty word* The big turkey went into the fridge for inspection later. It took us many many trips to the grocery store to find one that big, it gets harder every year.
HossFly and I had a little chat about when we were kids, and we had turkey for a week after Thanksgiving. I come from a family of 8, he has 14 brothers and sisters. Did our parents buy 50 lb. turkeys? There certainly wasn't any soup or pot pie! Did turkeys have smaller bones back then? Are todays turkeys bulked up with huge bones and less meat?? We ate turkey til it came out of our ears, breakfast lunch and dinner. There was plenty of turkey. Now, our turkey might make 2 meals, plus a pot of turkey noodle soup.
I haven't found out yet if my freezer died or is just protesting. I'm hoping that it's just an electrical thing, and needs to be re-set. We have a lot of power surges and outages here in the middle of nowhere. But that doesn't help with the stuff that was in it. I'm sitting here bitching about the freezer, and meanwhile that shrimp is fermenting...


Sunday Girl said...

Oh Kudzu,
I am so sorry, of all the times for your freezer to quit. You sure sound like you're taking it better than I would. Things happen for a reason, just very hard to figure out what that reason is sometimes. I hope your Thanksgiving turns out ok anyway. Come visit my blog for my last post, maybe it will cheer you up.

Kudzu said...

Thank you so much Sunday Girl......that was funny! My husband got a kick out of shaping aluminum foil into a bikini,too!
Happy Thanksgiving