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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Couple More Valentine Crafts

I've been making more of these for my Valentine Tree. These are strips of paper cut from pages of a paperback book. I stapled sets of 4 together, making 7 sets of 4. Then I hot glued them together and added fishing line for a hanger. The red tinsel one is just a piece of Christmas garland hot glued on, with some die-cuts from the scrap-booking section of the store. They were on clearance at Michael's. The pink one is a small white paper doily gathered up, with some pink crepe paper,also gathered, and cut with pinking shears. It has 3 kinds of pink ribbon and string, and a rhinestone.


Amber said...

Wow!! Those are really pretty!!

Kudzu said...

Thank you Amber :D I bought a few things at Michael's today, so I hope to make some more Valentine fru-fru!

Anonymous said...

Kudzu, those are so perfect for Valentine's decorations. They look so airy and lacy, I love them. Kay aka Luvs