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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 50th Birthday Makeover

I woke up a brunette!...with straight hair! And I think I got into a fight with a leopard sometime during the night.....

That's what daughter gave me, a make-over.

Look at all those chins.
And what's my boobage doing way down there?
Where did my eye-lashes go?

Yep, I'm a brunette now. Again. And I'm about to go cold turkey with the hair dye. Maybe. How will I look with snow white hair? I mean, I've been coloring my hair for so long, I bet it's all white by now. With my luck,though, it's probably that pinkish orangeish kind of gray. Poop. I'd love it if it was the pretty white like my Grandma or my Daddy's.


FlowerLady said...

Lady Kudzu ~ You are gorgeous. You do not look 50. I also was a brunette, but almost 8 years ago I decided to go a-la-natural. I did not like the cooking chemicals of hair coloring on my head, and got tired of seeing the roots come in every three weeks or so. Now I'm silver headed and while some times it's hard to take or much less believe, I'm happy being my true self. Every once in awhile I feel the temptation to color my hair but the trouble and aggravation, then waiting for it to grow out again just isn't worth it.

Think positive. You are a silver/white headed lovely lady, you just haven't realized it yet. You won't know until you go cold turkey. :-)

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I think I need to borrow your daughter. You look great!

cindee said...

You are way to young to go grey(-: Keep buying that hair color!!(-: I love the new make over! Your daughter did a great job(-: My grandma use to dye her hair "blue" OMG it would have been perfect if she would have lived another 20 years!!!!LOL
I guess I forgot to stop in yesterday for cake and icecream. I hope you had a fabulous day!!!!(-:

Sunday Girl said...

How old did you say you are?? I can't believe 50. You look great. Tell your daughter to come to my house next.

Kudzu said...

Thanks so much, ya'll! I like the brunette, maybe it's a little dark,though. I didn't mention how it was purple til I rinsed it out! That was scary!