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Friday, March 12, 2010

Make One Headband And Interchangeable Embellishements

This is so cute; I don't know if anyone else has made some like this, but as I was sewing together fabric flowers I noticed a package of Velcro in front of me and thought "why not sew Velcro to the headband and a few different flowers?" so ta-da.......I made a few different looks with one denim covered headband!

change the flower and change the look of your outfit! I hot glued some Velcro to the headband, and some to the back of each flower. They seem to be pretty sturdy so far :D

I cut a strip of lightweight denim with pinking shears, and hot glued it down to one end of a plastic headband and wrapped it all around to the other end, putting a dot of glue here and there til I was at the other end. I hope to show how to make several different version of fabric flowers checking back and look for all the links!

One more photo.......daffodils! The weather has been muggy and's 74 inside the house right now!

have fun,


Amanda said...

this is such a good idea! Love it! I also really like your burned flowers-- so much that I adapted the design to a peony. Still have to stitch them together, but hope to have pictures up on my blog in a few days. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda said...

Well, I finished one of my burnt edged peonies. Here is a link to the post.

Anonymous said...

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Great idea. Those are neat fabric flowers.

Anonymous said...

beautiful artwork Kudzu ! this morning I saw the first daffodils too !